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About Our Company

Land & Sea is a mobile yacht and boat detailing, waxing, cleaning and general maintenance company. We service Baltimore, Annapolis, Pasadena, Severna Park, Middle River and everywhere in between. Founded in 2007 by owner Tom Uzupus, we are based in Baltimore, Maryland and are fully insured and bonded.

High quality yacht maintenance anis not only our goal, but our passion, which is one of the many reasons we have such a prominent and ever-expanding presence in Maryland.

Our customers are consistently satisfied with our diligent attention to detail which is why we retain nearly 100% of our customer base from year to year.

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Serving the Chesapeake Bay Since 2007
Our Services

At Land & Sea, we strive to deliver a one of a kind boat detailing and maintenance experience. We aim for boat owners to believe their investment is just as important to us as it is to them.

With our superb customer service, years of experience and overall quality, you'll have piece of mind knowing your boat will be pristine once you arrive to the dock.

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Our Quality Speaks for Itself
Teak Deck Installation
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Waxing & Detailing

• Initial Wash
• Meguair's #50/Starke Revolution Cleaner Wax (Machine Buffed)
• 3M Medium/Heavy Compound (If Oxidized)
• Compartment and Locker Edges Detailed
• Vinyl/Sunbrella Cushion Cleaning and Treatment with 303 Protectant
• Isinglass Cleaning and Treatment with IMAR (If Applicable)
• Stainless Steel Polishing with Collinite #850
• Deck Railing Safety Lines Cleaned

• Caulk Lines Cleaned
• Flyrbridge/Cockpit Waxed and Detailed
• Waterline Staining Removed

• Power Cord Cleaned (If Applicable)
• Carpets Lifted and Vacuumed
• Decks Scrubbed with Mold Remover
• Final Wash

A boat should be waxed at least twice a year, once in the spring and again in the fall. Three times is ideal in order to consistently maintain the luxurious appearance of the gelcoat.

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Washing Programs

• Weekly
• Bi-Weekly
• One-Time

Routine washing removes black streaks, salt spray, air pollutants and other aesthetic blemishes which gather from week to week.
We take pride in our extremely thorough washing procedure for every make and model.

PlasDeck Synthetic Teak Decking

Maintenance Free Synthetic Deck System

• Available In A Variety of Colors and Designs

• Easy To Care For, No Scrubbing or Brightening

• Resembles the Look and Feel of Real Teak
• Will Not Burn/Melt Due To Light Amplification
• Stain and UV Resistant
• Excellent Non-Skid 

As an alternative to foam EVA/PE foam decking, Land & Sea offers PlasDeck synthetic hard teak decking.

PlasDeck is our preferred deck product line which is manufactured in the USA. It has superior longevity all at a fraction of the cost. It is an instant upgrade to your vessel! 

Shrink Wrapping

Shrink wrapping your vessel protects it from the harsh winter elements along with snow and ice accumulation. Our shrink wrapping service supplies you with all necessary venting, moisture absorbing bags and a large access door. We can perform this at the boat's location whether it's on land, lift, trailer or in-water. 

Gelcoat Sealing & Clear Coat

Once gelcoat becomes too oxidized, it's oftentimes not possible to produce a lasting shine with compounding and wet sanding. When this is the case, we can apply a gelcoat clear coat that penetrates the porous oxidized gelcoat producing a uniform gloss. Seven coats are applied upfront but the results last for months instead of weeks when compared to compounding.

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Additional Services

Teak Cleaning, Brightening and Sealing

A gray, untreated teak deck is not one of the most appealing features on your boat. Cleaning and safely brightening your deck allows the wood to regain its original eye-catching look and feel. We can apply a sealer coat to add longevity to the color.

Winter Snow Removal

Whenever a snowstorm enters our area, we will promptly go to your boat and take off any accumulation of snow or ice after the storm has ended. This prevents damage to canvas, gunwales, water drains and scuppers and many other areas of the boat. This service allows the owner to be relieved and stress free knowing that accumulations are removed.

Winter Watch Service

We know it's difficult to make time to visit the boat during the frigid winter months. This service is offered on a weekly basis and is billed monthly.

Inspect all lower engine compartments for excess water
Inspect all bilge pumps to ensure proper functioning
Inspect all thru hull valves for any issues or leaks
Inspect all fluids and systems and address if necessary
Adjust dock lines and power cords if necessary
Provide weekly detailed photographs of exterior and interior
Photographs will be attached and sent through weekly emails

Engine Room Cleaning & Detailing

What is typically the dirtiest part of your boat can be brought back to life with our help. Our staff will eliminate any bilge water, excessive grease, oil and persistent odors. Prices are based on size and condition of engine room.

Stainless Steel Polishing

Even the highest grade of 304 and 316 marine stainless steel requires attention throughout the season. With our polishing products, we remove all tarnish and scuff marks in order to create a fantastic shine.

Canvas Waterproofing

Trust us to protect one of the most sensitive areas on your boat. By waterproofing your bimini, cushion, tender or cockpit canvas, water will bead and run off preventing multiple forms of mold and mildew.

Shrink Wrapping
Gelcoat Sealing
Teak Cleaning & Brightening
Winter Snow Removal
Winter Watch Program
Engine Room Cleaning
Stainless Steel Polishng
Canvas Waterproofing
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Waxing & Detailing

Tom and his crew have never ceased to amaze me. Their attention to detail sets Land & Sea above everyone else. I’ve called Tom in emergencies and he’s always come through. For all of the years I’ve been in boating, working in and around marinas, Tom and his crew are the best in their industry.